About Sally


The Meaning of Life is to find your gift.  The Purpose of Life is to give it away”

– Pablo Picasso –

I’m so glad you’re here! Here’s a little bit about me:

My gift is to bring joy into people’s lives! Known for my big smile, genuine warmth and a natural ability to put people at ease. I am calm, caring and like to make others smile. Above all I’m honest, genuine and down to earth which in my book are very important qualities to have.

Although I may be well into my 50’s, in my head I’m at least 20 years younger, two inches taller and two sizes smaller!  Four children later, two step-children, 4 grandchildren and counting, it’s no wonder I moved to Spain! 

I’ve lived a very colourful life that I could never have envisaged but life has a way of setting out a path for us all to end up in a place we are usually meant to be.  All my previous roles have been about bringing out the best in people and guiding them to be the best they can be while remembering that no-one is perfect! 

In September 2019 my husband and I took a massive leap of faith and moved to Almeria, Spain to start the next journey of our lives. I wasn’t ready to put my feet up just yet and so what better job than to make people happy by delivering beautiful ceremonies. I knew I had all the credentials to bring out the best in people and their life stories, did my training  with the Academy of Modern Celebrancy and the rest as they say is history!  

Sally has human intuition, a thirst for understanding people and what makes them tick, and could easily deliver/lead a ceremony full of light hearted humour to the most solemn of circumstances. – Jo Complin

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