Celebrations of Life


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

 – Dr. Seuss –

Grief is a fierce monster to wrestle with. It turns the map of your life into a completely new one that you have to navigate through.  

Every life lived is unique.  Whilst I can’t take the grief you are feeling away, I can help create a fitting farewell that you and your family can look back on with love and fondness. My aim is that everyone will discover something new about the person they never knew beforehand. 

The common thread running through our lives despite all the different stories and circumstances is love. Sharing memories can provide a source of comfort and feeling of belonging.  When you spend the time to listen and then share those memories in just the right way, it means so much to the family.  I will bring a real sense of your loved one into the celebration of their life. Although there will be sadness, my aim is to bring a sense of joy into the ceremony and if appropriate a little light hearted humour too. 

In Spain funerals happen very quickly, usually between 24 and 48 hours.  Putting together a fitting tribute for someone in such a short space of time would be virtually impossible, especially when you are in mourning and in pain.  Thus, a Celebration of Life Ceremony at a later date could provide comfort for the family and provide a fitting final farewell to your loved one.  Although time doesn’t take away the pain it enables us to start working through our grief and allows us to begin to get our thoughts together so we can talk more freely about all those wonderful elements that made your loved one so unique and special to you.

If you entrust me to ‘hold your hand’ through this difficult time I can help you and your family and friends pull out all those wonderful memories that you hold dear and put them into a story your loved one would have been proud of!