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Celebration of Life & Funerals in Spain


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

 – Dr. Seuss –

Unique and Personal Funerals in Spain

Composing a memorial service that reflects the life of the person you are honoring is a privilege that I don’t take for granted. Together we can create a memorial ceremony for your loved one that is unique and personal. We’ll weave together the tapestry of their life, personality, gifts, and the people and events that gave their life meaning. Capturing the essence of their life in a beautiful story told with warmth and gentle humour.

I’ve worked with many families during this difficult chapter of grief so that in a short time we can bring together the elements that make for a loving and heartfelt Celebration of Life or Funeral in Spain.

Whether you have an idea of how you want the ceremony to be or you are at a loss for what to do, I can ensure that the tone and voice of the ceremony is deeply connected to the person you have lost.

I’ll do my very best to be that person you can trust trust who will share the story of your loved one and capture their essence.

Please contact me if you’d like to talk about how I might help create a warm and authentic ceremony.

Kind Words

“Sally helped to turn one of our hardest days into a joyful memory that will stay with us in a positive way forever.

The service was a true celebration. Lots of people wanted to speak and Sally helped to fit us all into the service allowing us to say goodbye in our own words and ways. In her own eulogy, Sally had really managed to take our rambling stories and memories of Dad and create a send-off that really captured his spirit and personality.”


Tanatorio, Mojacar, Almeria

“We had the great honour of having Sally as celebrant for my Mum’s funeral. She was extremely professional, diligent, kind and worked within a short window frame to write my Mums memorial.

I could not imagine anyone doing a better job. I am so happy we reached out to Sally and that My Mum had her as her celebrant for her celebration of life. We are forever grateful to Sally.”


Tanatorio, Crematorio Sol de Portocarrero, Almería

“Anticipating the worst day of my life, attending the funeral of my only daughter I was relieved to be greeted by Sally who I had spoken to on the phone but had never met in person. She approached me with warmth and understanding, putting me immediately at ease. The service that she conducted brought out every emotion not only in me but in everyone present – we laughed and cried. I have to say she made the day one to remember not in a sad way but something that was very beautiful.”


Tanatorio, Crematorio Sol de Portocarrero, Almería

If you entrust me to ‘hold your hand’ through this difficult time I can help you and your family and friends pull out all those wonderful memories that you hold dear and put them into a story your loved one would have been proud of! 

How it Works

Get in touch

A complimentary no obligation introductory meeting by phone, video call, or locally in person (if you live close to Mojacar).

Tell me about your loved one

I can send over a questionnaire to complete, or I can ask the questions I need to know. I totally appreciate how hard this is at a time when you are grieving and in pain but I will do my absolute best to make this part as painless as possible for you.

Share precious moments. I can share ideas for readings and poems that you think family or friends may want to read on the day. And / or you can tell me what elements you’d like to include.

The service

I arrive well ahead of the start of the ceremony not only to prepare myself, but to meet the funeral director and of course you and your family. I have a PA system and microphone should this be needed.

Funeral Ceremony Pricing and What’s Included

Standard Funeral Ceremony:

I ask you the questions I need to get started on the ceremony script.

You let me know how many people will be doing personal readings/eulogies.

I send you over some readings that might resonate with you should you wish.

I will send you a draft copy of the script for approval.

I officiate the ceremony.

Fee: €350 (includes IVA/Spanish Tax  and travel within 1 hour of Mojacar)

Memorial or Celebration of Life Ceremony:

Create the eulogy for the service alongside the family

Host and officiate the funeral service on the day

Support you and the family through the funeral planning

Provide ideas for ways to create personal touches

Help the family to plan and arrange the order of service, including music, readings and poems

Offer support, guidance and advice where needed

Fee: €600 (includes IVA/Spanish Tax  and travel within 1 hour of Mojacar)

*2024 price: €650

* Any added costs for additional travel will be discussed with you during our initial call/correspondence and will be minimal as I only officiate funerals within the region of Almeria.

* Occasionally I travel just outside the region depending on my schedule.

Spain Memorial & Celebration of Life Ceremonies FAQs

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What is the difference between a Standard Funeral Ceremony and a Bespoke Celebration of Life Ceremony?

The Standard funeral ceremony is a script including opening words and an introduction along with a small tribute where I insert the information taken from you which is then placed into a pre-prepared script about your loved one. It will include the obvious information such as the family make-up, schools attended, and relevant qualifications obtained. We then say a bit about the career path followed, marriage and children and a few personal things that made your loved one who they are. I also will include a reading.

In a standard script you and your friends are able should you wish to write your own eulogy and speak at the ceremony.

I then conclude with the committal.

For a bespoke celebration of life ceremony, I send you a questionnaire for you and family to answer and then with that information and other words and readings I create a truly bespoke life story of your loved one which is personalised and unique to them and you. I also print off a copy to keep should you wish which can be kept as a keepsake of your loved one’s life history for generations.

The ceremony can be held at a later date after your loved one passed away giving family and friends time to really give their input into the ceremony script should you wish.
With the bespoke ceremony, if the ceremony is going to be within a 4 day time frame (usually the maximum time frame for Spanish funerals) then I focus on nothing else but your ceremony until it is perfect. I do of course send you the ceremony to approve to make sure you are happy with the facts, and the tone of the script.

With a bespoke ceremony should you want this to be held at a later stage, it allows family and friends an opportunity to really input their memories to the full. It can be held in a place that was special to them/you, at a time that is convenient to you. You could also include some type of ritual such as a tree planting or it can be anything that would reflect your loved one’s personality. It can be as unique or out there as you wish.

With a bespoke celebration of life ceremony, I will try and source a special reading that highlights the type of person your loved one was.

How long after death is a funeral in Spain?

In Spain, funerals happen very quickly, usually between 24 – 48 to 72 hours.  Putting together a fitting tribute for someone in such a short space of time can be done and it is something I excel at.  

Sometimes family or friends may not be able to make it over here in time for the funeral, however often if you speak to the funeral director they can extend the allocated time within reason although there will be an additional cost which you will need to discuss with them.  Should you wish, following the ceremony, I can also print out your loved one’s script and or electronically send it on to family members. 

Where can we hold a celebration of life ceremony?

Usually, here in Spain funerals are held in the local Tanatorio in your town, however, should you want to hold the ceremony in a place you feel more comfortable in then that is absolutely fine. All it means is that you wouldn’t have the coffin in the room whilst the ceremony was taking place.

Are funerals in Spain different to those in the UK?

They are very similar in every way if you choose a celebrant led ceremony in that the coffin is in the chapel or the gardens of reflection, but here there is no committal element. Once the ceremony has ended then the coffin is taken to the crematorium where the coffin is cremated. When that process is finished you are able to then go and collect your loved ones ashes.

Can you tell us about Spanish funeral traditions?

Spanish funeral traditions are similar to religious ceremonies in the UK, although sometimes a family member will sit with the deceased person in the chapel of rest until the funeral. Once the funeral has taken place the deceased person is placed in a niche (known in Spanish as ‘nicho’) that are usually rented for a specific time within a cemetery for a certain number of years.

The deceased person is then at a later date, buried in a common burial ground unless the family have paid to rent the niche again for a further period of time. Traditionally after nine days after death a ‘rosario’ takes place where memories of the deceased are shared (similar to the ‘wake’ that we recognise) often including prayers. After this the ‘rosario’ takes place annually on the anniversary of the deceased person’s death.

Where will you travel to?

Celebration of Life and Funeral Memorial Services offered in the following Almeria towns and cities:
Abla, Abrucena, Adra, Albanchez, Alboloduy, Albox, Alcolea, Alcóntar, Alcudia de Monteagud, Alhabia, Alhama de Almería, Alicún, Almería, Almócita, Alsodux, Antas, Arboleas, Armuña de Almanzora, Bacares, Balanegra, Bayárcal, Bayarque, Bédar, Beires, Benahadux, Benitagla, Benizalón, Bentarique, Berja, Canjáyar, Cantoria, Carboneras, Castro de Filabres, Chercos, Chirivel, Cóbdar, Cuevas del Almanzora, Dalías, El Ejido, Enix, Felix, Fines, Fiñana, Fondón, Gádor, Los Gallardos, Garrucha, Gérgal, Huécija, Huércal de Almería, Huércal-Overa, Íllar, Instinción, Laroya, Laujar de Andarax, Líjar, Lubrín, Lucainena de las Torres, Lúcar, Macael, María, Mojácar, La Mojonera, Nacimiento, Níjar, Ohanes, Olula de CastroOlula del Río, Oria, Padules, Partaloa, Paterna del Río, Pechina, Pulpí, Purchena, Rágol, Rioja, Roquetas de Mar, Santa Cruz de Marchena, Santa Fe de Mondújar, Senés, Serón, Sierro, Somontín, Sorbas, Suflí, Tabernas, Taberno, Tahal, Terque, Tíjola, Las Tres Villas, Turre, Turrillas, Uleila del Campo, Urrácal, Velefique, Vélez-Blanco, Vélez-Rubio, Vera, Viator, Vícar, Zurgena