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Ultimate Elopement Guide Spain – where, how and elopement ideas

Apr 14, 2023 | Elopements

14 Questions for any Couple Thinking About Eloping to Spain!

As the song goes… “Come Away With Me” ……”Come away with me and we’ll kiss, on a mountaintop. Come away with me and I’ll never stop loving you”

– Nora Jones –

The mere definition of an elopement is an act of running off secretly, as to be married evokes images of wild romance and a taste for adventure, and what could be more romantic than that? If the idea of a big family wedding makes you want to pull your hair out then consider an Elopement Ceremony. No hassle, no stress and you can be as formal or as casual as you’d like!

The Ultimate Spain Elopement Guide

What Is An Elopement Ceremony?

An Elopement Ceremony is a very intimate and personal ceremony that usually involves just the two of you tying the knot exactly the way you want to. You will already have your legal marriage certificate from your registrar and now want a ceremony that puts the cherry on top of the cake so to speak by being united together in the most deeply intimate way possible…You want to run away (because you can!) and feel like you’ve had the wedding ceremony exactly the way you envisaged it!

Can I Have An Elopement Wedding In Spain?

Yes you can have an elopement wedding ceremony in Spain, whether that be on a beach in Marbella or on a rooftop overlooking the Alhambra Palace in Granada or at the top of a mountain in the beautiful region of Almeria. You are never far away from the perfect backdrop. The beauty of Spain is that there are so many stunningly beautiful private places to escape for your elopement ceremony.

Does Eloping to Spain Save You Money?

Eloping can save you money (and who is not watching their pennies these days?) but not only this it eliminates a lot of pressure that often goes hand in hand with planning a wedding. Gone are the days when Gretna Green was your only option if you wanted to elope without telling your parents, as today the world is your oyster and elopements have become quite the trend!

By choosing an elopement it allows you total autonomy to choose every element however extravagant or simple you wish it to be. With no guests to pay for, your budget can get you whatever you want!

couple - elopement guide Spain

Is An Elopement Wedding Legally Binding in Spain?

No, Celebrants here in Spain cannot legally marry you So you will still need to legalise your marriage in the country you reside in.

How Can I Arrange An Elopement Style Wedding In Spain?

One thing you will need is a Celebrant to officiate your ceremony (hopefully me!). Other than that it can be as simple as you want it to be. If you don’t want to have to organise anything, then contact a reputable wedding planner, who can turn your day into something really special. Want your love song played on acoustic guitar as you walk to the ceremony space, no problem, hair and make-up, beautiful bouquet, stunning scenic venue – all this can be organised directly by you or by someone who knows suppliers/tricks of the trade…luckily I can recommend a few excellent people!

Beach elopement, couple at night

Where Can I Have My Elopement Ceremony?

Because it’s just the two of you the answer is pretty much anywhere! Have you been to Spain before and maybe already fallen in love with a few places that you thought would be perfect places/spaces to have your ceremony?

Consider a restaurant overlooking the sea (if you speak to them I am sure they will allow you for a small fee the space you need before it then opens to the public) beautifully decorated with flowers etc where you can then carry on your celebrations in style. Or maybe a high-end mountainside B&B with stunning views down to the sea to a tucked away location in the Gabo de Gata, the jewel in Almeria’s crown where you are never far from the most stunning of backdrops with sandy beaches and beautiful whitewashed villages full of characterful plazas, where you can say your I will’s and your I do’s.

How Can I Help to Make Your Ceremony Special?

It doesn’t take much to make it special. As a wonderful wordsmith, it’s down to me to create your script, but to make it extra special, consider putting extra time into writing your vows as these will be the pinnacle of your ceremony. Need some help? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

Do I Still Need Witnesses If I Elope To Spain?

No. Remember, a Celebrant-led wedding is non-legal so there are no restrictions with this. It will be just the two of you (and me the celebrant of course!) and maybe a photographer if you want your most special moment captured forever, but it doesn’t have to be – you can invite a couple of witnesses should you wish. Remember too, that usually following the ceremony, that is the end unless you have made arrangements at a beautiful restaurant or have hired a wedding planner to arrange everything for you to carry on the celebrations. From the Celebrant’s perspective, once your ceremony has ended, then that’s it, they will probably give you both a big hug (be warned, I am a hugger!) and wish you both the happiest of futures together.

Bride at elopement ceremony

What Elopement Style Can We Have?

The beauty of when you elope with just the two of you, is that you can choose anywhere from a beachside location at sunset to the peak of a mountain overlooking the world (ok so not literally but you get the idea!). It’s how I imagine a simple Boho style elopement to be, set within nature – which in itself, is such a wonderful thing and often lends itself to be the perfect backdrop to a ceremony space without the need for any added props, and hey, I am loving this wigwam theme which is just crying out for a decadent picnic once you’ve said your ” I Do’s “!

Can we Elope And do The Legal Side Later?

In a word YES! Eloping is so romantic, intimate and often secretive that maybe you don’t want the possibility of being advised by family and friends on what you should or shouldn’t be doing on your wedding day beforehand. By eloping you can have the ceremony you both want in the way you both want it. Then should you choose, you can contract the legal side of your wedding, by having the marriage at a registry office on a date that suits you both and with those you love!

Elopement Bouquets and Decorations

If you’re coming to Spain for your elopement and are not using a wedding planner then do not stress. In the days of technology/Facebook & Instagram, it’s not difficult to find a florist in the area you’re having your wedding ceremony. Seen a photo of a bouquet of flowers or a stunning flower arch you love? Send it to the florist, and see how they can help. Google Translate is a wonderful thing and usually, with a bit of Spanglish you can work it out between you and remember, they are wanting to please you as they’ll be hoping for a great review from you! Let whoever you know is officiating your wedding who you have chosen so that they can make contact with them also.

Elopement styles

Can A Celebrant Officiate A Beautiful and Tailored Ceremony?

I’m a pretty damn good Celebrant if I do say so myself. I have great human intuition and I’m good at not only finding out all about you, but tailoring your ceremony script to make it so beautiful it sings to your heart. The difference in an elopement is that I am talking to you both in the most private of ways on the most private of days. I’m not speaking to a crowd of guests, trying to get them involved and feel included, I can be really selfish with just focusing all my ceremony script writing on you!

What Are Elopement Wedding Packages?

Elopement packages are exactly that, they include whatever you want and more depending on how much you want to spend. Usually, it will include the venue for the ceremony, the photographer and florist and the celebrant and sometimes caterers. If you want hair and make-up and say an acoustic guitar player, these are likely to be extra but not always. All of this would be arranged by a Wedding Planner.

Here is a first-class wedding planner, the company is called Ambrosia and Anna is the creator. She is a perfectionist and organises the most beautiful bespoke and personalised elopement packages, take a look at what she offers.

How To Elope And Make It Absolutely Unforgettable?

The way to make your ceremony absolutely unforgettable is to do it the way you want, plain and simple. Go for it, as it might be the only time in your life that you can do something so wonderfully excitingly decadent and be as selfish as you want! All you need is your imagination!

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