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Having an outdoor ceremony in Spain and the weather

Jul 28, 2021 | Weddings

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain (remember Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady?)

The weather, the subject most English people discuss on a daily basis!  So you’d think Spain would be sunny and beautiful all the time? Well it’s a yes and a no…let me explain.  Although glossy brochures and websites will have gorgeous photos of weddings in the sun, the fact is it does rain in Spain,  not often but there is no guarantee where and when it will, but when it does you’d best find cover!

  Luckily the rain  is pretty infrequent (that’s why I moved here!) but the wind, well that’s another story as it can get pretty gusty here on the coast!  And when I say windy,  I  mean a ‘hold on to your hats’ type of wind!  Apparently (according to Spain Guides) Spain is a world leader in wind energy technologies second only to Germany and ahead of the United States, so that gives you an indication of how gusty it can get.  If you want shade, sometimes every day umbrellas can’t be put up unless they are at an industrial level and even then they are often secured to a solid structure with rope for extra strength!  

 If you’re wanting an outdoor ceremony, consider securing any props, holding down tablecloths etc. Is there a plan B in case of rain?  Some venues have the options of both but if it were a small intimate event, say on a remote part of the beach then there  possibly is no alternative venue unless you have an event planner who hopefully would have thought of this.  But please don’t be put off,  as outdoor ceremonies here are truly beautiful, it’s about being prepared, that’s all.      

A ceremony in the sun is glorious, however intense direct sunlight without shade is not pleasant for anyone and has the potential to ruin a ceremony for some.  Even 15 minutes in the height of the day in the summer months can be enough to make a person feel faint.  If there is no shade available perhaps consider investing in some hand held parasols for your guests.  They are likely to be very grateful!!

Seating…..are guests going to be sat down or stood up? Are there any disabilities to take into consideration or is there anyone hard of hearing or visually impaired that need to be nearer the front?

If guests have travelled and are waiting for the ceremony to begin, and it’s hot,  it might be nice to consider having refreshments available beforehand which could come as a welcome relief.  

Toilets (not the greatest topic to bring up) but if the venue is fairly remote, where can guest’s go to the bathroom if needed as it is possibly unrealistic to expect people to be without one especially if they have medical issues and may have travelled a long way etc. 

Lastly, If your ceremony is taking place at sunset for example, be aware that the light quickly fades and so a photographer would need to be mindful of this when wanting to take his/her quota of photos of all the guests etc. It would be devastating not to get all the photos you wanted from this oversight although I imagine any professional photographer worth his salt would highlight this.