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LGBTQ+ Weddings in Spain

I am an LGBTQ+ ally and everyone is most welcome to celebrate their love here

From the moment you choose me as your wedding Celebrant in Spain,

I will begin to work my magic to create something wonderful and tell your unique story with passion, expression and joy. 

LGBTQ+, Gay, Lesbian, Trans, or otherwise, I’m here to help you celebrate your love with a wedding to remember

My promise to you, as your wedding celebrant, is that I will treat you with the same enthusiasm and respect that I treat all of my wonderful couples. Gay, Lesbian, Trans or otherwise, we will celebrate your love for each other, and your uniqueness, and create a truly memorable wedding ceremony where I’ll laugh with you and make your day awesome in whatever way, shape or form you desire.

Some will question why I even have a gay wedding page or a same sex wedding page. I have this section on my site because I want you to know that I’ve experienced, through my children, the negativity that still exists when it comes to the LGBTQIA community and in a ideal world I shouldn’t have to promote the fact that I am totally, 100%, behind any two people who wish to marry, regardless of gender or preference or pronoun. But I do…

I’ve written a personal blog on this very this very subject.

I want you to know that I believe that Love really is LOVE.

I want you to feel comfortable with me and I’d love to get to know you both and to learn of your love story!

Kind Words from Happy Couples

“She was clever enough to create a script for our special day that captured the very essence of us both. Like she had been friends with us for years.

Her brilliant couples questionnaire asked the right sort of questions to enable her content for the script.

So passionate about her work. It felt as though she really enjoyed sharing our special day. We cannot thank her enough for what was a truly wonderful wedding with some of our friends saying it was the best wedding they’d ever been to!”


Simon & Dylan – Refuel Bar & Terrace, Benidorm

“Sally was the Celebrant that carried out our Son and his Partner Dylan’s Wedding Ceremony at Refuel Dining Room Benidorm.

Wow!! Cannot speak highly enough of Sally. She was absolutely amazing and we cannot praise her enough for the way she carried it out !! With such style.”


Di & Rich – Refuel Bar & Terrace, Benidorm

“It’s hard for us to say how much we appreciate the amazing work Sally did for our wedding. She was incredible – spent months working with us and put up with us taking ages to reply to her (busy jobs!).

She really got to know us and understand who we were and what we were looking for in our ceremony… and she made our day incredibly special. There were many tears! We were so lucky to have discovered Sally… and can’t recommend her enough.”


Adam & Garth

Good Celebrant vs. Great Celebrant

I’m a great storyteller. I want to knock your socks off when you read the first draft of your personalised script and realise that I’ve taken in all the information you’ve given me and got you to a tee!

My ceremonies are the polar opposite of boring. Together we’ll produce nuptials that are vibrant, engaging, funny, and heartwarming.

Secondly, I am a pretty damn good public speaker, but not only that, when I’m reading your script, it’s always with vibrant passion and enthusiasm (no monotone reading on my watch) and I am ALWAYS on point when it comes to the intonation of my voice, especially when we are talking about something funny. Why is this important though? Well because not only do you smile your faces off and laugh even when you know what’s coming, but because you know your unsuspecting guests are in for a treat!

Tell me Your Love Story

Love in every form is driven by emotions and so whether that’s a wedding or a funeral, I put my heart and soul into every script because in the back of my mind, I’m always thinking, ‘if this was my ceremony, would I be happy if this was my script and more importantly, would I be happy with the way it’s being delivered?’

When we first talk (which is usually over video call because of the distances to where we both live) I’ll quickly make you feel comfortable and very quickly you’ll be happily chatting away to me. I know I come over as genuine and I don’t try to be someone I’m not, which I think is very important. I’m a bit like ‘Ronseal’ (if you’re old enough to remember the advert!) in that I do what I say on the tin! Because none of my ceremonies are standard, each ceremony script I write is totally tailored to the individual and I will always go by each couple’s brief as to how they’d like their ceremony to be.

I’m here to listen and to get to know you. An introductory call is free and I’d love to hear from you.

What Can LGBTQ+ Couples Expect From Me?

You can expect a first-class service. You can expect me to keep you informed throughout every step of our relationship together and you can expect me to knock the socks off any standard wedding you may have attended before by someone who is professional to the core! That is my guarantee to you!

Our journey to your wedding day will be one of understanding, flexibility, collaboration, and joy.

With my passion for creating the perfect wedding ceremony and my true care for your wedding, my promise is to place you at the centre of your wedding day. Your wedding, your way.

I’d be delighted to discuss your plans and answer your questions. There is no obligation whatsoever, so please get in touch to schedule a call or video call.

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lgbtq+ wedding couple
lesbian wedding couple

How it Works

Get in touch

I offer a complimentary no obligation introductory meeting by phone, video call or locally in person if you live close to Mojacar, so you can discover whether I’m the celebrant you would like to help you celebrate your special day. I hope I am!

Tell me about your perfect wedding

Once you say yes I will send you my Terms & Conditions and as soon as the deposit is paid, your date is secured in my diary.

I will send over a couples questionnaire for you both to complete, followed by further follow up calls, draft scripts along the way so I can start getting creative on your script. I also send ideas for readings and poems that I think may resonate with you and other options that you may not have considered to further personalise your ceremony. And if you’re feeling creative, I can even send you some vow examples so you can start to create your own.

On the day

I arrive 1 hour before the start of the ceremony to help steady any nerves and liaise with any readers, planners or suppliers you may have enlisted to help on your special day but I will of course have spoken to all suppliers well before your actual ceremony. 

LGBTQ+ Wedding Ceremony Pricing and What’s Included

Fee: €550 (includes IVA/Spanish Tax ) Cost includes travel within 1 hour of Mojacar, Almeria (added costs for travel/accommodation expenses depending on venue location) this will be discussed with you during our initial call/correspondence.

Added Extras: Any rituals you may like may accrue an added cost which will be added to your final invoice.

*2024 price: €650

***Please note a celebrant led wedding ceremony is not legally binding.

Spain LGBTQ+ Wedding Ceremony FAQs

Is Gay Marriage Legal in Spain?
Yes, same-sex marriage in Spain has been legal since 2005 however it is a very bureaucratic process and for that to happen there is a mountain of paperwork and here, even Spanish citizens find it a frustrating process!  

Think of a marriage and a wedding as two different things. Your Marriage is your legal contract and your Wedding is the ceremonial celebration. 

What Type of Same-Sex Wedding Can We Have In Spain?
Spain is now considered a great gay wedding destination to have a wedding ceremony. Personally I don’t like putting labels on people so all I need is just two people in love so I can help you have exactly the type of wedding you want. From outlandish with flashmob style choir with bucket loads of humour to a quiet and simple and elegant affair….. Luckily, I’m very good at doing both!
Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex or Straight Wedding … What's the Difference?
Hello …there is NONE!!

People are people and whether you are a pink and blue couple, or two blue’s or two pink’s (you get where I’m coming from) – in that when it comes to LOVE, there are no boundaries to who or where our heart will lead us, and so in my social media posts I’ve always said ‘love is love is love’, but that can be easier said than done for some same sex couples.

Lets face it, finding love for anyone in this day and age can be difficult enough, but sadly for many same-sex couples, this can often result in unfounded discrimination or even worse rejection by family and friends. As a proud mum of a son who is openly ‘gay’ (as explained in my blog), I have been horrified over the years at the negative consequences this has had on some elements of his life and still find it difficult to understand and accept some people’s prejudices against a fellow human being.

Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex wedding ceremonies, whatever your choice of terminology you prefer to use are a particular favourite of mine, and having that personal connection and experience really helps in delivering the perfect ceremony.

What is a Celebrant Led Ceremony?
Civil ceremonies are often restrictive and may not reflect your characters and how you truly feel about each other, or how your friends and family see and think of you. The great thing about a celebrant led ceremony is that literally anything goes, and so your wedding day can be anything you want it to be, how fantastic is that? And let’s face it, every couple is as different as every relationship and so your ceremony should reflect that and tell your love story. Whether you want a quiet intimate wedding on a beach at sunset, or your guests dancing in the aisles to your favourite song to arranging a flash mob style wedding dance to follow you back down the aisle, whatever makes your heart sing, just go for it!
Will the wedding ceremony script be unique?
“I write from the heart with a bit of added soul”

As they say, the devil is in the detail. Yes, your script will be totally unique to you both. It can be something more traditional, or quirky, full of fun to include both memorable and poignant moments, how cool is that!. My aim is for you and your guests to be talking about your ceremony for years to come!! With your help I get down to the nitty gritty to discover the very core of your personalities (I’m naturally nosey in all honesty!) I ask loads of questions and invest a huge amount of time getting to know you both to find out about your unique relationship so I can create a storyboard all about you! I get to discover how special each partner is to the other and will ensure your ceremony reflects you both as individuals and as a couple…how lucky am I?

I listen to your ideas and expectations so if you prefer bucket loads of humour injected into your ceremony with lots of little anecdotes about you both then just leave it to me! Tears and laughter all at once are my speciality! How about your beloved pet being your ring bearer or maybe you want your guests to join in with your favourite song halfway through your ceremony? Easy peasy!

My goal is to personalise your ceremony and make it as formal or informal as you wish, there really are no boundaries.

Can you help me find other wedding suppliers in Spain?
Yes of course I am more than happy to share my list of suppliers with you, and if I don’t know I will try and find out for you!
Where can we have our wedding ceremony in Spain?
Having your wedding along the coast of Spain is a beautiful choice. From Alicante to Malaga the possibilities are plentiful. What’s your ideal wedding location? Do you dream of exchanging your vows surrounded by nature be it a beach like the shores of Cabo de Gata or a national park in the Sierra Nevada mountains? Is history and culture your style with locations like Seville or an idyllic town plaza? Maybe you’ve found the perfect hillside villa with the relaxed vibe and stunning views? Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in beautiful Spain!

Within reason you can hold your ceremony anywhere you want and can have it at any time of the day! With so many beautiful towns, cities and beaches in Spain there is so much on offer. From beachside restaurants, to villas in the mountains, fincas, haciendas, even castle’s.

If you do want a beach ceremony then unless it’s an elopement ceremony you are likely to need a license which a wedding planner can help with. Not only can you hold your ceremony anywhere you want and can have it at any time of the day, being blessed with over 320 glorious days of sunshine we experience each year here in Spain, you can pretty much slot in your ceremony anywhere from dawn to dusk!

I’ve had the pleasure of being a celebrant at different locations and for different couples. I believe that love comes in many guises and colours and wedding ceremonies of today should be as unique as you. When we work together it is your day, your way.

Why have a destination wedding in Spain?

The thing about escaping to do a destination wedding is usually because couples are wanting something different to what they can get in their home country. They want somewhere where not only is the sun shining but a place where they can hold their wedding ceremony outside without any fear of rain. On the plus side it also becomes your wedding and your honeymoon – bonus! No having to even think about anything else but enjoying yourselves…what’s not to love!

Is our Celebrant wedding ceremony in Spain legally binding?
A Celebrant wedding ceremony is not legally binding, you need to be married by a registrar in an approved venue to be legally married. This comes with certain restrictions on what the marriage ceremony can and must include, and where it can be held. A Celebrant ceremony on the other hand can be held anywhere you want, include whatever you want and be completely personalised for you.
If my partner and I both live In Spain, can we legally get married here?

Good question. Unless you or your partner have Spanish Citizenship (a Spanish passport and not just a residency card like my husband and I have) then getting married here would be a bureaucratic nightmare as the Spanish just love their paperwork and it would likely be a long and very frustrating and virtually impossible objective to achieve, especially as each province or region often have different regulations and requirements.

However, legislation changes all the time, so if you do fit the relevant brief to have your civil partnership here then you will need to register your relationship as “pareja de hecho” at your local council or “ayuntamiento” and take it from there.

What Makes You Stand Out As A Celebrant?
As a fully trained celebrant I am a wonderful wordsmith who is able to lift your love story up to another level, which lets face it, will be at the heart of your ceremony. By sprinkling my magic into your script, I can guarantee you and your guests will be blown away, not only by the content, but the delivery of it on the day.

I am a naturally funny person, and love bringing joy into people’s lives by making them smile and laugh. With the questionnaire I send out to each couple it gives me the opportunity to gain a real insight into their lives along with lots of nitty gritty information about each other and because real life does have highs and lows, people do have funny stories to tell and some of the stories I’ve heard along the way have been hilarious. I always say to couples, if you want humour injected into your ceremony then you need to give me the ammunition. I can do something subtle that will get a few giggles, or the hit you over the head with a gong style of humour – it’s your day and totally your way, and remember, I send you draft copies for you to approve so there’s no surprises on the day, other than to your unsuspecting guests.

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